Advanced Cyber - IT Infrastructure - Physical Security

Unified IT Cybersecurity Platform
Successfully Tested at the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Agency
Scalable for Every Organization


Today’s IT infrastructure must be built to effectively serve an organization and its mission — but to defend against today’s evolving cyber threats. HillCyber’s unified IT & Cybersecurity platform leverages technology powering some of the most secure networks in the world, from inside the U.S. Department of Defense to leading global corporations. We have reimagined and reengineered cybersecurity technology and IT infrastructure to provide effective, efficient and multilayered protection strong enough for the most secure networks, and affordable for everyone.

  • >> IT Infrastructure design and implementation
  • >> Network and End-Point Security
  • >> Threat Analysis
  • >> Secure Data Storage
  • >> Cyber Training
  • >> Operational Resilience

About HillCyber

We launched HillCyber to provide military-grade cybersecurity to everyone. We successfully demonstrated our advanced technology on networks at the Pentagon, including at DARPA, the Defense Department's in-house research agency, and are now working with the US Army, among others. HillCyber is built as much on our advanced technology as our social mission to serve the nonprofits and charitable organizations based in our community. Our clients include private corporations, nonprofits, civil rights groups, financial services firms, legal organizations and law firms, hospitals and health care providers, federal agencies, and others -- ensuring networks are resilient, data is secured, staffs are prepared, operations are safeguarded from online and insider threats, and reputations are protected.

Because of our advanced suite of technology and mission to deliver military-grade cyber to even the smallest non-profits, HillCyber was admitted to the global startup incubator 1776, based in DC.